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Superbowl 2014                                                                             

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2015 Superbowl Will Be February 18, 2015, San Antonio Livestock Show,
San Antonio, Texas
CLICK HERE FOR ENTRY CARD - December 10, 2014 Deadline

Superbowl Awards $40,000 In 2014
The 22nd Simbrah-Simmental Superbowl saw a payout of monies and buckles of $40,000 between the showmanship, Simmental, Percentage Simbrah and Simbrah divisions. To date over $600,000 has been awarded to youth showing SimGenetics.
At the 2014 event, held in conjunction with the San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo, there were 191 total entries and the show was an all day affair, with a large crowd throughout the day. Hannah Wine, the American Simmental Association junior activities director, judged the showmanship and Dave Allan judged the cattle. The show is funded by sponsors who pay $1,000 each and this allows their junior customersto show in the event.

The overall winner in the showmanship contest was Dustin Hempel from the oldest category and the reserve showman of the event was Emma Berry from the 16-year-old division. They received $1,000 and $750 respectively, plus belt buckles from winning their age divisions.
Kenzie Martinez took the first place honor in the 8-9-year-old category and Mirana Skaggs was the reserve showman. In the 10-11-year-old age group, Ethan Wood was selected as champion, while Conner Alexander was the reserve. Jodi Blount and Katy Berry were the winners in the 12-13-year-old division, while Carlye Rodenbeck and Cameron Chappell were selected in the 14-15-year-old. Kennedy Wilde was the reserve showman in the 16-year-old division, while Hope Onstot was the reserve in the 17 and older group. Each age winner received $100 and the reserve $50, plus belt buckles.

The Simmental Superbowl Grand Champion Female honor went to Jodi Blount, with her heifer, sired by JSSC Widebody 090W. She was the junior champion and was sponsored by Seale Cattle Co. Blount received $1,500 for her win. The reserve honor went to Presley Martin with a Welshs Dew It Right 067T bred female from the Hidden Oaks Cattle Co. program. She received $1,000 for her win and was also the senior division winner.
Ethan Wood with a Foster Bros sponsored heifer, sired by K-LER Make It Rain was the heifer calf champion, while Emma Berry saw her Hidden Cattle Co sponsored heifer, sired by Mr HOC Broker take the reserve calf division title. Briane Rossow, with her Knezek sponsored heifer sired by Flying B Cut Above was the reserve junior champion, while Jeana Hein, also with a Kenek heifer, sired by LBS The Foreman was the reserve champion senior winner.

2014 marked the first time for a percentage Simbrah show. Bradley Meuth won the calf and the grand titles, plus $500 with his Hagan sponsored heifer, sired by FBFS Wheelman 649W. Caleb Rodenbeck was named the senior champion and reserve grand female with his Smith Genetics sponsored daughter of Smith Matt N Black. He won $250. The reserve calf honor went to Payton Meuth with her Hagan sponsored heifer also sired by FBFS Wheelman 649W.

In the Simbrah show, Miranda Skaggs won the calf and grand honor, plus the $3,000 with her LMC EF JW Black 3N/25 sired female from Hagan Cattle Co. Reserve honors went to Kaleb Fontenot with his RFI Smith Sure Glow heifer from Smith Genetics and Reavis Farms. He won $1,500 and was the junior champion, also.

The reserve heifer calf honor went home with Megan Rogers with her May heifer, sired by JLF/SPR Lucky Hand X013 and sponsored by Freasier Ranch. The reserve junior honor went to Micah Perkins, with her LMC Rhino 5W/367 daughter from La Muneca. The senior champion title went to Caleb Rodenbeck with this Smith Genetics sponsored heifer by Smith Nu Wave II, while the reserve senior honor went to Hope Onstot, with her La Muneca Cattle Co., heifer sired by 6G/LMC Rajin Cajun W908.

At the conclusion of the show 36 exhibitors names were randomly drawn and they each received a $250 scholarship.


Jodi Blount exhibited the Grand Champion Simmental Heifer, sponsored by Seale Cattle Co. Presley Martin exhibited the Reserve Grand Champion Simmental, sponsored by Hidden Oaks Cattle Co.

Bradley Meuth exhibited the Grand Champion Percentage Heifer, sponsored by Hagan Cattle Co.

Caleb Rodenbeck exhibited the Reserve Grand Champion Percentage Heifer, sponsored by Smith Genetics.

Miranda Skaggs exhibited the Grand Champion Simbrah Heifer, sponsored by Hagan Cattle Co.

Kaleb Fontenot exhibited the Reserve Grand Champion Simbrah Heifer, sponsored by Smith Genetics and Reavis Farms.

Thirty-six exhibitors received $250 scholarships. Showmanship winners included (l to r) TJSSA Princess Payton Meuth, McKenzie Martinez, Miranda Skaggs, Ethan Woods, Conner Alexander, Jodi Blount, Katy Berry, Carlos Guerra, founder, Hannah Wine, judge, Tim Smith, founder, Carlye Rodenbeck, Cameron Chappell, Emma Berry, Kennedy Wilde, Dustin Hempel, Hope Onstot and TJSSA Queen, Georgia Dunn.
Juniors-If you had your photo made at Superbowl,
send to us and we will post. Let us know how you placed also.
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