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Simmental-Simbrah Superbowl Awards $45,000 To Exhibitors

For the 23rd consecutive year, the sponsors of the Simmental-Simbrah Superbowl, once again rewarded exhibitors for showing Simgenetic cattle. The event, held February 18th in conjunction with the San Antonio Livestock Show, drew 193 entries and saw over $45,000 awarded in prizes, monies and scholarships from participating sponsors. This was the largest payout yet, in the event’s history and brings the total to over $650,000 that has been given to youth.

Cliff Orley from Pennsylvania drew the task of evaluating the entries in the Simmental, Simbrah and Percentage Simbrah contests.
His grand champion Simmental was Rolling Hills Paris, a daughter of Houston X01, exhibited by Aubree Blissard, Big Springs, Texas. She was the senior champion winner also. The reserve grand champion went to the reserve senior winner, who stood second in class to the Blissard heifer. CMFM Sheza Looker 383A, sired by STF Dominance T171 took the overall honor for exhibitor Dalton Russell, Ivanhoe, Texas. The grand heifer was sponsored by Elmore Cattle Services and the reserve was sponsored by Circle M Farms. They received $1,500 and $1,000 respectively for their wins, plus money and buckles in division.

The grand champion percentage heifer honor went to Payton Meuth, Floresville, Texas with her heifer from the calf division. Hagan Eminence, a Hagan Smith Hazard 51X daughter was sponsored by Hagan Cattle Co. McClaine Pawelek, also of Floresville, Texas took her heifer from the senior division to the reserve grand title. The entry, BCC/CHCC Macs Daisy, a WCS Mr. Tradition daughter was sponsored by Baring Cattle Co., They received $500 and $250 respectively for their wins.

Caryle Rodenbeck, Brenham, Texas was the winner of the $1,500 in the Simbrah show. Her heifer, Smith CRC Amber Keepsake, a Smith Satisfies daughter was the winner of the junior calf division and was sponsored by Smith Genetics. Olivia Vela, Edinburg, Texas was the winner of the reserve title and $1,000 with RGV LN Hope A203, LMC LF Bosco 5Y/64 daughter bred in the RGV Cattle Co., program. She was the junior champion. Both entries were awarded money and buckles for their class and division win.

Kyle and Heidi Poppe, Weimar, Texas judged the showmanship. They selected Kendall Smidovec and Tyler Denny as the overall showmen and they received $1,500 and $1,000 for their overall wins.Showmanship paid ten places for a total of $625 in each age division, and the top two in each division received buckles.

Winners in the 18-year-old division of showmanship (starting with first) Dalton Russell, Sydney Paul, Kayla Henson, MacKayla McIntrye, Jennifer Gomez, Andria King, Carolyn Perry, Sam Aguirre, Blake Maniscalco, and Clay Harmon.

Winners in the 17-year-old division (starting with first) McClaine Pawelek, Hannah Derouen, Jenna Hein, Emma Berry, John Paul Rodriguez, Amanda Miller, Leandra Flores, Tanner Davis, Adriana de los Santos, and Hannah Williams.

Winners in the 16-year-old division (starting with first place) Caryle Rodenbeck, Josh Evans, Victor Moreno, Madison Mello, Paige Hovey, Dylon Hemple, Erin Lusk, Morgan Thomas, Cameron Chappell and Kendall Girault.

Winners in the 15-year-old division (starting with first place) Kendall Smidovec, Payton Meuth, Sophia Palmore, Sarah Nichols, Graceann Mullins, Sydney Maulsby, Winston Walters, Cody Wells, Kailey Le Nomrand, and Clayton Hinckley.

Winners in the 14-year-old division (starting with first) Tyler Denny, Calley McGinley, Regan Merryfield, Matthew Salinas, Olivia Vela, Amelia Stavinoha, Elise Hesseltine, Marco Moreno, Chloe Novak, and Audra Smith.

Winners in the 12 and 13 year-old showmanship (starting with first) Zachary Mills, Madison Culpepper, Caleb Fuchs, Allie Jordan, Mia Barba, Megan Rogers, Meghan Hein, April Ramsey, Claudia Kirk, and Logan Lankford.

Winners in the 10 and 11 year-old showmanship group (starting with first) Lorelai Hill, Robert Stavinoha, III, McKenna Tschirhart, MacKenzie Groce, Gage Spence, Bradley Meuth, Miranda Skaggs, Kinzie Martinez, Waylon Hinze, and Cecilia Escobar.

Showmanship winners in the 8 and 9 year-olds are (starting with first) Aubree Blissard, Peyton Moore, Briley Moore, Ryleigh Whitaker, Grant Hickley, Jayci Phillips, and Tyler Tschirhart

There were also 42 scholarships in the amount of $250 awarded at the end of the show to the exhibitors, for a total of $10,500.
Other division champions in the Simmental show were exhibited by Kaily Critendon with a Southern Jewels Cattle Co. heifer; Strone Sulak with a Hidden Oaks sponsored heifer; and Jenna Hein and Waylon Hinze with Knezek sponsored heifers.

In the percentage show other division winners included Trent Clark with a Walters bred heifer and Hayden Hackett with a Smith Genetics sponsored heifer.

Other division champions in the Simbrah show included Chloe Novak with a Smith Genetics heifer; Samantha Nichols with a Hagan heifer; Josh Evan with a La Muneca heifer; Hannah Derouen with a JV Cattle Co. bred heifer; Sophie Palmore with a Smith Genetics/Reavis Farms/Southwestern sponsored heifer and Payton Meuth with a Hagan heifer.

For additional information, list of sponsors and photos visit www.simmental-simbrahsuperbowl.com.


The Superbowl Grand Champion Simmental honor went to Aubree Blissard with an Elmore Cattle Services sponsored heifer. The Superbowl Reserve Grand Champion Simmental honor went to Dalton Russell with a Circle M Farms sponsored heifer.
The Superbowl Grand Champion Percentage Heifer honor went to Payton Meuth with a Hagan sponsored heifer. The Superbowl Reserve Grand Champion Percentage Heifer title went to McClaine Pawelek with a Baring bred heifer.
The Superbowl Grand Champion Simbrah Heifer title went to Caryle Rodenbeck with a Smith Genetics sponsored heifer. The Superbowl Reserve Grand Champion Simbrah Heifer title went to Olivia Vela with a RGV Cattle Co. sponsored heifer.
Forty-two exhibitors received $250 scholarships at the conclusion of the show. The champion and reserve champion showmen of each age divisions competed for the overall grand and reserve showman titles. (L to R) Aubree Blissard, Peyton Moore, Loralei Hill, Robert Stavinoha III, Zach Mills, Madison Culpepper, Tyler Denny, Calley McGinley, judges Kyle and Heidi Poppe, Kendall Smidovek, Payton Meuth, Carlye Rodenbeck, Josh Evans, McClaine Pawelek, Hannah Derouen, Dalton Russell and Sydney Paul. Also pictured on the back left is Carlos Guerra, a sponsor and one of the events coordinators. Smidovek and Denny were the overall winners.
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