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It started as a concept, then became a topic of discussion and then an actual cattle shown. The Simmental/Simbrah Superbowl is an event, first and foremost, that benefits youth who show SimGenetics and secondly provides an enhanced marketing and promotional avenue for participating breeders. This year, 2021  marks the 29th annual Superbowl event.

The Superbowl started as a joint idea of Tim Smith, Smith Genetics, Giddings, Texas, Carlos Guerra, La Muneca Cattle Co., Linn, Texas and Billy Wentz, Wentz Cattle Co., Olmito, Texas. It soon became a reality with this trio spearheading all the efforts, coordinating the all volunteer staff and selling the idea to breeders.

"The concept is very simple. Breeders pay $1,000 to be a sponsor for one year. This entitles their junior customers to then compete for prize monies, awards and scholarships. The fee includes all animals they have bred or have been purchased from other breeders and resold to junior exhibitors in Texas,” describes Smith.

In the beginning the show was held in conjunction with the Belt Buckle Bonanza in Austin and then Waco, Texas. This is the largest all breed show in Texas in the summer and attracts several thousands of exhibitors of steers, heifers, lambs, hogs and goats--and many kids show more than one specie. By combining with this established and very visible event, the Simmental and Simbrah breeds were automatically exposed to a wider audience.

The show, from the beginning has allotted all the sponsor money back to the exhibitors in the form of buckles, premiums and scholarships. This year more than $47,000 was awarded in Simmental, Simbrah, and Percentage Simbrah and Simmental Shows.

“It didn't take long for the event to catch on with the kids. When you are announcing over a microphone that the grand champion Simmental & Simbrah will receive $1,500 and a buckle and the reserve grand $1,000 and a buckle, you get their attention,” says Smith adding that these interested kids would then seek out the sponsors or inquire if breeders were a sponsor.

Plus the Superbowl has a feature that appeals to everyone, regardless of the quality of their heifer, how much they paid for it or if they stand last in class. The Superbowl scholarships are one of the most attractive features of the program. For each heifer a kid shows, their name is put into a drawing. At the conclusion of the event, all the kids are called into the show arena and approximately 40 names, depending on number of sponsors per year, are drawn and each winner receives a $250 scholarship.

Each kid is only allowed to win once in that year, but can win the scholarships year after year. As each name is drawn, the kids and the crowd add to the anticipation and excitement with cheering and clapping. In addition, showmanship is richly rewarded. There are eight divisions with both breeds competing together. The divisions are, based on ages 9-18. Exhibitors are recognized ten deep in the contest, with the top two in each, also receiving buckles. Then an overall grand and reserve grand showman is picked and this year received $1,000 and $750 respectively.

In 1997, the event changed locations and became part of the lineup at the San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo Junior Breeding Beef Heifer Show. This show provides $10,000 scholarships to each breed champion and draws heifers from across the state to vie for the educational support.

”We felt this move would provide a larger number of kids to compete as almost everyone enters San Antonio. We have many kids who show multiple breeds and state and nationals shows were sometimes a conflict with the summer event. The folks at S.A.L.E have been very good to work with and we have our competitions a day or two before their Simmental and Simbrah shows with a different judge of course,” explains Smith.

Many of the sponsors have been with the event from the beginning and see it as a huge marketing tool. Their customers want to know if they are going to be a sponsor, so that they have a chance to compete for generous monies. It can be the difference in a sale or the prospective customer going somewhere else. “The Superbowl provides a strong marketing avenue for breeders. Its a real bonus for our junior customers that they can enter this show and compete for these honors,” adds Carlos Guerra.

"The support of breeders has made this event really work. We appreciate how year after year Simmental and Simbrah breeders step up and sponsor. We have been able to give out over $950,000 and we have touched a lot of lives,” says Smith.

Sponsors for the 2021 Superbowl are currently being accepted and interested breeders can contact Smith or Guerra for additional information.

To date over $950,000 has been awarded to SimGenetic exhibitors through the Superbowl.

Carlos Guerra and Tim Smith, two of the founders of Superbowl.  
2020 Simbrah-Simmental Superbowl rewards youth who show SimGenetics

The 28th annual Simbrah-Simmental Superbowl was once again held in conjunction with the San Antonio Livestock Junior Breeding Heifer Show on Feb. 12th. The privately sponsored event featured showmanship, purebred Simmental and Simbrah shows, as well as percentage Simmental and Simbrah shows. The event awarded over $47,000 and in the 28 years the show has awarded the youth involved in SimGenetics more than $950,000.
            Showmanship judges were the husband/wife team of Brent and MaKayla Cromwell and they sorted through nine age divisions and then selected an overall grand and reserve showman for the event. Showmanship paid 10 places in each age group and the top two received buckles. The payout for each division was over $1,000.
            In the 8 and 9 years of age division the winner was Makenzie DeBerry, followed by Keeli Whitaker, Bailee Wilson, Kinleigh Compton, Cash Dale, Sawyer Mau, Abbie Melton, Willa Fucik, Zachary Ellis and Codie Hill.
            The 10 and 11 years of age division winner was Camryn Skaggs, followed by Grace Tullos, Roxton Stone, Rillie Smith, Rory Die, Tyler Hammond, Jayden Overton, Paisley Lightfoot, Travis Ellis and Brantley Kennedy.
            Zoe Romanchuk won the 12-year-old division, with Taylor Groce placing second, followed by Jake Hayman, Gavin Hinckley, Harper Mau, Emily Denny, Wyatt DeBerry, Jarrett Pool, Carlee Burks and Kendall Compton.
            Carlos X. Guerra, III took the top honor in the 13-year-old age group, followed by Aubree Blissard, Jayci Phillips, Gabriela Ramirez, Braden Roehling, Avery Glueck, Kenadie Feril, Kinley Mondy, Matthew Sanchez and London Cavness.
            In the 14-year-old competition, Teagan Goble was the champion, followed by Lauren Boettcher, Grant Hinckley, Ryleigh Whitaker, Ava Vela, Coen Bell, Cooper Mau, Hannah Cunningham, Jakob Sansom and Hailey Bryand.
            Miranda Skaggs won the 15-year-old group, followed by Braxton Butler, Bradley Meuth, Cassidy Fuchs, Hallie Hackett, Ashlyn Koehl, Lorelai Hill, Audrey Ivey, Jerrell Williams III and Lane Alexander.
            Kayla Sansom was the champion of the 16-year-old group, followed by Jamie Salinas, Riley Bautsch, Cameron Hein, Austin Martin, Savannah Secrest, Rachel Lewis, Braeden Stork, Jared Hoffman, and Kayla McCall.
            Ashley Stoddard was named the top showman in the 17-year-old group, followed by Kaylee McInvale, Lauren Cooper, Sydney Bogan, MaKenzie Jones, Mia Barba, Trever Jenkins, Brooke Sanders, Avery Oliver and Ebed Aguillar.
            In the final group, 18-years-old, Morgan Jackson was the winner, followed by Annah Morris, Callie Grigsby, Katy Berry, Jayme Condry, Caleb Fuchs, Brooke Charpiot, Elizabeth Moore, Cody LaBry and Colby Jedlicka.
            In the overall competition, the Cromwells selected Teagan Goble as the champion showman and he received $1,000 for the overall win and Miranda Skaggs was the reserve champion and she received $750.
            In the cattle show, the judge was Quest Newberry and he selected champions in the four SimGenetics shows.
            Lane Alexander was awarded the grand champion title in the percentage Simmental show; his heifer was sired by Mr. HOC Broker and he was sponsored by BKE Farms. Morgan Jackson was the reserve champion with her Red River Farms sponsored heifer, sired by OBCC CMFM Deplorabull. They received $500 and $250 respectively.
            In the Simmental show, Kaylee McInvale and her heifer sired by OBCC Blacklist was selected as the champion and she was the junior champion in the drive. She was sponsored by Foster Bros Farms. Teagan Goble won the reserve champion honor with his Southern Jewel Cattle Co. sponsored heifer from the calf division. She was sired by HPF Quantum Leap Z952. They received $1,500 and $1,000. Division winners were recognized with additional payouts.
            Other Simmental champions included Roxton Stone, sponsored by Southern Jewel Cattle Co., taking the reserve calf honor; Aubree Blissard, sponsored by Blissard Cattle Co taking the reserve junior champion title and in the senior division the winners were Zoe Romanchuk with an Elmore Cattle Services sponsored heifer and Grace Tullos with her Outback Ranch sponsored heifer.
            In the percentage Simbrah division, Bradley Meuth with his Hagan Cattle Co heifer, sired by JSSC Red Steel  was the champion and Kendall Compton was named reserve grand. Her heifer was sired by 3CC Steamboat and sponsored by HDZ Cattle Co. They received $500 and $250 respectively.
            The Simbrah show was competitive all day and at the conclusion the champion was Miranda Skaggs with her Hagan Cattle Co. sponsored heifer, sired by Hagan Arapaho. They advanced to the drive by winning the early junior champion heifer division. Cooper Mau was named the reserve grand champion with his LMC Gold Medal sired heifer, sponsored by La Muneca Cattle Co. She was the late junior champion heifer in the show. They received $1,500 and $1,000 respectively for their championships.
            Other champions in the Simbrah show included Cassidy Fuchs as the junior heifer calf with her heifer sponsored by Webb Fields; Cameron Skaggs was the reserve junior heifer calf champion with her Hagan Cattle Co. sponsored heifer. Carlos X Guerra III claimed the champion senior heifer calf title with his La Muneca sponsored heifer and Emily Denny was the reserve in that division with her La Hacienda Hinojosa sponsored heifer. In the intermediate division the winner was Taylor Groce with a Webb Fields sponsored heifer and Kayla Sansom was named the reserve intermediate winner with a Smith Genetics sponsored heifer. Braxton Butler was the reserve champion early junior heifer and Gavin Hinckley was the reserve late junior heifer winner and both heifers were sponsored by Smith Genetics. In the senior division, Lorelai Hill was the champion with a Reavis sponsored heifer and Rachel Lewis took the reserve honor with a La Morra Ranch sponsored heifer. Premiums were awarded to division and reserve division winners and top ten places in each class of purebred Simbrahs.
            At the conclusion of the event 44 exhibitors were awarded $250 scholarships each through a random drawing.
            The Simbrah-Simmental Superbowl is a volunteer run organization, coordinated by founders, Tim Smith and Carlos Guerra. It annually awards over $40,000 and is made possible by breeders who sponsor the event at $1,000 each. This allows heifers from their programs that are purchased by junior exhibitors to be eligible for the competition.

            Sponsors for the 2020 event included 6G Ranch, 7N Ranch, Bar P Bar Cattle, Baring Land & Cattle, BKE Farms, Blount Farms, Boening Bros, Burch Cattle Co., Circle M Farms, Double T Farms, Elmore Cattle Services, Foster Brothers Farms, Freasier Ranch, GB Cattle, A&D Sulak Farms, Bar CB Cattle, Buck Creek Ranch, G6 Farm and Ranch, IGS Cattle Co., LPJ Ranch, Reavis Farms, Red River Farms, Smith Genetics, RGV Cattle Co., Southern Jewel Cattle Co., Blissard Cattle Co., Morris Cattle Co., Triple C Cattle, Hagan Cattle, Scott Wiley, La Morra Ranch, Outback Ranch, PSR Simbrah, Brolaco Cattle Co., La Muneca Ranch, Pool Farms, Shallow Water Ranch, Temperance Livestock, JV Cattle Co., Johnson Cattle Company, Southwestern Farms, La Hacienda Hinojosa, DeBerry Land & Cattle, HDZ Cattle, McCrary Farms, Pine Ridge Ranch, and Webb Fields.
At the conclusion of the show, 44 exhibitors were awarded $250 scholarships each. They are pictured with Tim Smith and Carlos Guerra, founders and coordinators of the event that has a 28 year history and San Antonio Livestock Show officials. Showmanship featured nine divisions with an overall grand and reserve champion. Division winners and reserve winners are (left to right) Makenzie DeBerry, Keeli Whitaker, Camyrn Skaggs, Grace Tullos, Zoe Romanchuk, Taylor Groce, Carlos X. Guerra III, Aubree Blissard, Teagan Goble, Lauren Boettcher, Miranda Skaggs, Braxton Butler, Kayla Sansom, Jamie Salinas, Ashley Stoddard, Kaylee McInvale, Morgan Jackson and Annah Morris.  They are pictured with founders Carlos Guerra and Tim Smith, as well judges in the front, Brent and MaKayla Cromwell.
Grand Champion Percentage Simmental Heifer was exhibited by Lane Alexander and sponsored by BKE Farms. Reserve Grand Champion Percentage Simmental Heifer was exhibited by Morgan Jackson and sponsored by Red River Farms.
Grand Champion Simmental Heifer was exhibited by Kaylee McInvale and sponsored by Foster Bros. Farms. Reserve Grand Champion Simmental Heifer was exhibited by Teagan Goble and sponsored by Southern Jewel Cattle Co.
Grand Champion Percentage Simbrah Heifer was exhibited by Bradley Meuth and sponsored by Hagan Cattle Co. Reserve Grand Champion Percentage Simbrah Heifer was exhibited by Kendall Compton and sponsored by HDZ Cattle Co.
Grand Champion Simbrah Heifer was exhibited by Miranda Skaggs and sponsored by Hagan Cattle Co. Reserve Grand Champion Simbrah Heifer was exhibited by Cooper Mau and sponsored by La Muneca Cattle Co.


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